If you recently purchased a Chevy Colorado, odds are you are thrilled with its look and performance, both inside and out. Unfortunately, there are many offenders that want to take that “new car” look away from you and your Colorado, such as sun, snow, mud, and dust – these and many others will age any vehicle very quickly.

Keep it Clean

Your Chevy Colorado is a gorgeous vehicle, and you want to keep that “new” look for as long as possible. Starting with the outside, washing and waxing your car regularly will help you down the road. It may seem as though it just looks clean once it’s recently washed and waxed, but having this done routinely will help your Chevrolet avoid salt buildup – a huge contributor to rust. Especially in colder climates, be sure to wash regularly during the winter, paying special attention to the undercarriage. Waxing regularly also helps to keep the paint color from fading.

Keep an Eye on the Interior

Maintaining the cleanliness of the interior of your Chevy is jut as important as washing and waxing the exterior. Of course, many of us find our daily commute to be just part of when we are able to grab a bite and a beverage, and in a moving vehicle, spills are bound to happen. Adding kids into the mix multiplies this no less than tenfold, and the backseat can become a nightmare spill-zone. Just be sure to clean up any stains as soon as they arrive, as letting one sit on any material will allow it to leach into the carpet or seats, becoming permanent. Check it over every once in a while, just to be sure; or, get the interior vacuumed and shampooed whenever you go in for a wash.

The interior is also damaged very easily over time by smoke. Even a well-maintained car with low mileage and a lovely exterior will be turned down by most buyers due to a smoke smell. Cigarette smoke not only weaves itself into the fabrics of the interior, causing a permanent smell, but also causes all of the surfaces to fade and leaves a yellow-brown color on them.

Park in the Garage

Whenever possible, park your vehicle in the most protected are you can find. Most of those offenders that want to take away your “new car” look are just the simple elements. Snow, ice, and wind, can cause just as much damage as sun, heat, and wind – and vice versa. When you park your new car outdoors, you are at risk of decreasing the value exponentially by allowing the sun to fade the paint, the wind to throw objects at it, and any sort of moisture or precipitation to rust it. Keeping your car in a garage ensures that it is less vulnerable to these elements, allowing your vehicle to have a longer life. Your “new” car will stay in better condition, mechanically and aesthetically, inside and out.

Regular Trips to the Dealership

Having your vehicle’s engine serviced and maintained regularly will ensure that your Colorado has a long life span. Routine maintenance keeps vehicles as safe as possible, and at the highest performance possible. This also keeps your car at the highest resale value that’s obtainable, should you ever want to part ways down the road. Your Chevrolet dealership can help you keep in mind what needs to be done on your vehicle regularly, but here are a few good rules of thumb:

  • Every 3,000 miles or about three months, you definitely want to get your oil changed. This is a quick and inexpensive process that can help you avoid future, more expensive problems.
  • Change your air filter every 15,000 to 30,000 miles to let your engine breathe better. If your car is going to be in a dustier environment, keep this number closer to 15,000.
  • Fuel filters last very differently in all cars, but 30,000 miles is a good stopping point to change your fuel filter, ensuring your engine won’t run rough.
  • When you go in for any of these, have your dealer check your battery, brake pads, tires, and all of your fluids.
  • Keep in mind, your dealership is the best place to have work done, with experienced staff and warrantied parts to keep your Chevy running safer, longer.

    Keep your Maintenance Records

    Create a file to keep any receipts from dealership work, even as small as an oil change. You can even download an app to help keep track of them for you. Whether or not you decide to trade in your Chevy down the road, these files will be useful to know what’s best for your vehicle.

    You never know what will happen down the road, so whether you plan on keeping your new Chevrolet for life or selling it eventually, it is always best to be prepared. These simple tips will help you be prepared for either scenario, and keep your Chevy Colorado in the best condition possible.