Now that you have that new Chevy Cruze to cruise around town in, it is time to think of all the fun things you can do. Purchasing a brand-new vehicle can be one of the most exciting moments of your life. Many vehicles are given gift-wrapped as surprise birthday presents and videotaped for that memorable “Wow!” moment. You made the hard choices already and decided between the hatchback and the sedan. Maybe you liked the fuel economy and torque of the diesel. Perhaps you preferred the manual transmission and its light carefree clutch.

Whatever drew you to the wonder of owning a Chevy Cruze, you have all day and night to spend with your new friend. Start off by giving your Chevy and anyone who helped you purchase it a big warm hug. Feel free to give yourself a hug if you are working hard to afford this gem all by yourself. You deserve it. A lot of work has gone into your Chevy Cruze to make it a stylish, comfortable, and reliable daily driver that helps you conquer the world on a daily basis. Below, we have compiled a fun list of things you should consider doing for inspiration.

1. Break In the New Engine

The first 500-miles on your new engine are sacred. This is a time to keep those RPMs under 3,000 and to studiously obey the speed limits. You don’t want to push your baby too hard for the first 500-miles. You need to coddle your child and feed it plenty of top-choice 87-octane fuel or diesel from the premium gas stations. Even though you want to cherish these first moments together, don’t be tempted to fill up your gasoline engine with 93 or higher octane. Your Chevy Cruze is built to run efficiently on a faster burning 87-octane fuel or diesel (if you purchased the popular diesel model).

2. Plan a Road Trip

Once you have had your fill of cruising around town and showing off your ride at all your favorite shopping centers and haunts, it is time to start planning a road trip with friends or family. What is the coolest place that you can think of to go without taking days off work? It might be a gamble, but maybe you’ll meet some celebrities in Las Vegas. If you have kids, it will be a lot easier to find your new car in those huge Disneyland parking lots with the key fob. Maybe you have always wanted to go skiing or snowboarding in Colorado and just never had a set of reliable wheels for the adventure.

3. Find a World-Class Restaurant

You may have seen some famous eateries on TV that looked so appetizing. Rarely do you consider taking control of your life and taking the journey to find one. Occasionally, you will land at the spot of a world-famous restaurant you’ve seen on TV by accident. It might not even be one particular restaurant at all. Have you heard about the food truck scene up in Oregon? How about the music scene?

Now that you have wheels, going for a bite to eat doesn’t have to be local. The cruising comfort of your Chevy Cruze allows you to travel anywhere on Cloud 9. There is none of that road stress from clumsy steering, vibrations from poor suspension, and noise from the road to deal with at all. People will smile at you and welcome you wherever you go. And you will always feel like you arrived there through a futuristic portal in time-space travel. Yes, your Chevy Cruze is a virtual time machine on wheels waiting to take you to your new future anywhere in the country.

4. Become a Cosmopolitan

Not only is your Chevy Cruze a first-class ticket to any US destination, but you are also free to travel throughout Canada and Mexico. What do you have to lose by taking an adventure down to Baja Mexico or up north to visit our Canadian neighbors? Learn a little Spanish before you go. “Mucho gusto,” is enough to get things going when you make some new friends down in Mexico. Your Chevy Cruze is also the ideal transport to any airport for international flights. Say goodbye to the stress of your American life and take a well-deserved vacation around the world.

5. Relax with Your Favorite Music

All the infotainment in your Chevy Cruze makes it a concert on wheels. The clarity of visibility and the comfort of your ride are always accentuated by the liveliness of your music selection. The human mind loves patterns and pink noise. Your ApplePlay, Android Auto, Sirius XM Radio, or Bluetooth, features give you the limitless capacity to tap your smartphone into your Chevy for a memorable ride every time.

Whatever you decide to do, you can trust that your Chevy Cruze will make the experience a whole lot better. For a compact car, you really have a compact luxury sedan. It is your private jet to any destination. The sky is the limit!