Commuting in any vehicle can be stressful depending on the situation. Maybe you have a lot of interstate to travel to get to work. Perhaps you just deal with an enormous amount of traffic. How do you make your commute a less stressful experience in your new Chevy Volt?

Here are some tips on what you can do to make your next commute a little less boring.

Relax And Enjoy Spacious Legroom

The Chevy Volt has a great deal of leg room for vehicle drivers. This allows you to kick back a little and relax when traffic does back up. You can make sure your seat is positioned in the proper place so you can stretch your legs on long commutes. Traffic can be frustrating. It helps your entire body to stretch your legs and get the oxygen flow going.

Ride With Other People To Work

Have you ever noticed how quickly you get to a destination when you have others to chat with? Have you considered the potential and savings for a carpool for your commute? You can save money on fuel and have somebody to have a conversation with. This helps you talk about issues and get things off your chest. It might just allow you to vent about the horrible traffic. Either way, it gives you less idle time to think about being stuck in traffic.

Utilize The Best Assets Of Your Vehicle

You have an awesome stereo provided by the manufacturer in your new Chevy Volt. You also have an infotainment system that allows you to enjoy features like ApplePlay or AndroidAuto. Music can certainly go a long way in lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. Maybe you just want music to get you into a more positive mood. Maybe you want to have a ton of energy heading into work and not stress. The Volt is packed with enough entertainment to keep you busy during those times when you think boredom is a necessity.

Avoid The Traffic

You can drive in to work earlier and get more things done to avoid heavy rush hours. You can plan accordingly and take different routes. Have you also thought of taking different routes every day so you can enjoy different scenery? You’ll have to make sure you plot out these courses so you aren’t late. These can be additional ways to avoid heavy gridlock and keep you out of complete stress mode. Your ultimate goal is to relax and enjoy your drive. Avoiding the busiest ways if possible is always a good idea.

Make Mental Schedule Of What You Want To Accomplish

You have time to think on your own during your commute. You can use this as time to think about what you need to get done. You can use this time to think about issues you need to solve. You can use it for “me” time just to clear your head. Maybe you have a lot of “noise” at home. This allows you to think about your daily chores and/or long term goals. What do you need to do today? What can you do in the near future? You can use times stuck in traffic to ponder the future. You don’t have to be limited to stress and anxiety.

Count License Plates/Play Games

Longer commutes sometimes call for different distractions. You can play games on the way to work to pass the time. You can count license plates from other states to see how many total you get before your arrival. Perhaps you can flip through radio stations and try to guess the song. The infotainment center usually has the artist name and song. You just have to try your best not to cheat! These little things will help you pass time quicker and worry less about what other drivers are doing around you.

Leave Very Early

One of the biggest reasons for stress on a commute is our inability to leave for our destination on time. We have all kinds of pressures from work and people for arriving when we are supposed to. The best way to alleviate these issues is to just leave a bit earlier. This allows you to appreciate the morning sky. You have time to get caught in traffic because you are prepared. You can enjoy your Volt and all that it has to offer without worrying about being late. We all face deadlines in our life. It’s much easier to just plan ahead and act accordingly.

Commuting can be simple as long as you take time to think ahead and be prepared. It’s important to utilize all your vehicle has to offer like the infotainment system. You can carpool with others to help make the drive a little less boring. You can pack snacks for times when you are stopped in traffic. There are always things you can do to make your commute a little more relaxing. The next time you commute in your Volt make sure you get there without anxiety and stress.