How do you make the best of your road trip in your brand new Chevy Equinox? The great news is a Chevy Equinox is perfectly designed for short or long trips. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and cargo space. It’s equipped to make your road trip entertaining and reliable. The Chevy Equinox has everything you need to stow away your luggage and drive in style.

Here are some valuable tips you can utilize with your next road trip in your Chevrolet.

Plot The Course

You always need to have maps and your destination plotted before you ever leave. What do this entail? It means picking out the safest route you can. You can pick alternate routes to save time in case traffic gets tied up or there is construction. It’s always good to have a GPS or smartphone programmed with navigation instructions. However, it’s important to also have a physical copy of the map in case you don’t have access to any towers. Your batteries in your phone might also die.

Pick Out Your Breaks

You’ll need to probably stop every several hours. You may have to stop more with children or pets for bathroom breaks. It’s important to plan stops based on those factors. You should pick out highly visible areas with multiple gas stations, restaurants and hotels. Why is this important? This allows you to be in the best position in case of bad weather. This also allows you to stop where the majority of people are. It’s safer and you’ll probably have more options to choose from. You’ll also find smaller towns close down much earlier at night and on days like Sunday.

Enjoy Your Equinox Features

You should utilize all the cargo space as well as you can in your Chevrolet. You can have a salesperson demonstrate how to unfold and fold seats for extra room before your purchase. You can also learn how to use your infotainment center before you leave. Applications like ApplePlay and AndroidAuto can be invaluable when you’re bored on the road and getting sleepy from endless driving.

Use The Scenic Route For More Picturesque Views

The interstate or highway might be quicker. However, the scenic route might provide more opportunities to visit landmarks. You can potentially see things you’ll never get to see again. Part of the beauty of travel is enjoying the sights and sounds of places you’ve never been. Maybe a small town has a beautiful apple orchard or winery. Maybe a small city you will pass through is well known for producing or manufacturing something important. You’ll enjoy the views more from the scenic route. You may want to take the highway or interstate if your ultimate objective is timing.

Pack For Comfort And Emergencies

You should always pack your Equinox for comfort and potential issues. Is there going to be potential storms or snow? Have you consider packing food and water for an emergency stop? You should also always have an emergency kit on hand. This emergency kit can include a flashlight, battery cables and tools. You’ll need to also make sure you have a decent understanding of where your spare tire is located. You can study instructions on how to install the tire. Things do happen on road trip from time to time. It’s important you prepare for anything that could potentially happen.

Leave Early For Your Destination

You’ll also want to get on the road as early as you can. You don’t want to be traveling to attend a concert 300 miles away and leave with no margin for error. It’s important to leave yourself time for extra bathroom breaks, gas stops and just rest in general. Road trips can tire you out. The good news is the Equinox is an extremely comfortable vehicle designed for short and long road destinations. You’ll enjoy traveling any distance in this durable Chevy. It’s still a good idea to always give yourself extra time to reach your destination. This could save you from getting a speeding ticket. It could save you from getting stressed or having anxiety. Those kinds of things could potentially ruin your next trip or vacation. Why not be packed and ready to go well in advance?

It’s important to make a list of things to pack for your road trip in your vehicle. Road trips can be very memorable but you control what memories you often create with basic preparation. You’ll be much happier if you take the time to plan for issues. It’s always better to be safe and plan for stops, breaks and extra fuel stops. This gives you the ability to concentrate on the beautiful scenery and arrive to your destination without any major problems. You’re road trip should be an amazing adventure.