When your Chevrolet Silverado is in need of repairs, you have two options of places to go. You can either bring your car in to a dealership for work or you can take it to the local mechanic downtown. Many people opt for the convenience and cost savings of the local repair shop. But at the end of the day, which place is a better choice? For a variety of reasons, including fast repairs and quality of parts, there are distinct advantages to having your Silverado serviced at a dealership.

Experienced Technicians And Diagnostic Equipment

In many instances, the difference in quality between dealerships and independent mechanics comes down to training. Dealership mechanics, unlike the mechanics at your local repair shop, receive training set by industry standards. They must demonstrate a high level of competency before they work on your Silverado in the first place, and they also attend ongoing educational classes to keep up with the best industry practices. Through this training, they can learn about common problems associated with a specific make and model and learn how to fix them.

Higher Quality Parts

When your car goes in for service, you have two choices for repair parts. One is called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and the other is called aftermarket. OEM parts are always offered by a dealership. These parts are made by the same manufacturer that makes your vehicle. Essentially, OEM parts are just an excessive volume of replacement parts. They are identical to the original part being replaced in both look and fit. Furthermore, OEM parts come with an industry warranty, which is required to be at least one year. If the part breaks during that time, you can just go back to the dealership to have the part replaced at no additional cost. Aftermarket parts, in contrast, do not come with a warranty. After you buy the part, the best you can hope for is that the part does not break sooner than expected. After all, that defeats the purpose of paying a lower cost for the part in the first place.

Better Customer Service

Since they report to manufacturers, and sometimes corporate headquarters, dealership staff members are required to follow industry standards for customer service. When you walk into a dealership for repairs, the entire process is very professional and timely. Since dealerships are required to have a certain level of customer satisfaction they often give out customer satisfaction surveys at the end. This lets customers express any concerns they have and note disappointing experiences. The dealership is obligated to address those issues for fear of being reprimanded. Many dealerships have multiple service bays, which means that your car will likely be seen sooner than it would be if you were to make an appointment at a repair shop down the street.

Recall Notifications

Since mechanics who work at a dealership receive ongoing education in car service, they are also aware of the latest “news” that comes out about any problems or complaints associated with a specific vehicle. A dealership mechanic will therefore be a more reliable source about any information that comes out about your car than a local mechanic, such as recall bulletins and warnings about defective parts. If a part is recalled, the dealership will replace the part at no charge for you. This prevents you from spending possibly large amounts of money on future repairs. It also keeps you from dealing with a possible safety hazard, which is even worse!

Service Transparency

The service transparency at a dealership is a similar concept to mechanics’ ongoing training and customer satisfaction requirements. When you visit a dealership, the mechanics at the service department will keep a thorough, detailed account of your visit. This helps them track recurring problems with a specific model or trim, but it also means that all of your maintenance records will be neatly organized and kept in one place. Along with helping the mechanic know when your car is due for routine service next, it also makes it much easier for a prospective buyer who may want to purchase your car in the future, and understandably want to see its maintenance and service history.

From getting quality parts to experiencing a higher level of customer satisfaction, there are a number of compelling reasons to bring your Silverado back to the dealership for repairs the next time it needs service. Along with being able to see car in sooner, many dealerships have conveniences like free WiFi, loaner cars, and snacks to mitigate the inconvenience and stress of not having a car. Furthermore, you’ll leave knowing that you got the best possible replacement parts and customer service. By taking the time to learn about the advantages of using a dealership, both you and your Chevrolet will be much happier.