Amy 00:01
Hi. It’s Amy at Think Creative. I’m here today for the inaugural episode of Glendora Chevrolet’s podcast. This is a very exciting time. Glendora Chevrolet is a very fantastic dealership, and today we want to talk to you about some of the apps that you can use to help you maintain your vehicle. I’m joined today by Matt. Hi Matt.
Matt 00:23
Hey. Thanks for having me.
Amy 00:25
Matt is an expert on this topic. He uses multiple apps to maintain his own vehicle, and he knows exactly what will help you maintain yours. So Matt, why would you even do this? Why would you use an app to–?
Matt 00:39
I’m going to be honest with you; I’ve had a lot of cars in my life, and I’ve had a lot of bad luck with cars in my life, but I realized later on that a lot that, “Bad luck,” I could have actually relived a lot of that myself just by paying attention to my car and what each one needed. Of course, with different models, and of course, with different years, the amount of miles that you have on your vehicle, things like that, every car is going to be different on what it needs. Smartphones are everywhere. I love my phone. I take it everywhere I go. So why not have some apps? So I started looking into the app store, and I saw there was a ton that would actually help me maintain my vehicle so I’ll have them longer.
Amy 01:25
Okay. But listen, I don’t have a lot of time, I’m a busy person, and I just want my car to function and operate the way it should. Is it going to take me a lot of time to use one of these apps?
Matt 01:38
No, not at all. Since you don’t have a lot of time, let me run through this list quickly [laughter]. All right. So, I mean, some of the apps that I have, they’re do-it-yourself type of maintenance. So you can have some of these apps, and it kind of will make everything crystal clear for you on how to do things. It’s basically like a bunch of YouTube videos, all-in-one app. So you’ll just simply type in what it is that your car is going through, and then, bam a whole library full of things will come up and you can start fixing that yourself. There’s another one, it’s called Just Drive, and that’s just in car management. It’s just loaded with a ton of features. Its got a map that’ll show service providers in your area – anyone that can actually do service for your care. You can have your history of the service that you’ve done on your car could go right onto that app. It’ll even send me service reminders. Oh, what else is good is an insurance reminder. I’ve been in the position before where my insurance actually expired, and I just didn’t think about it, but this app actually sent me an alert saying, “Hey. Your insurance is going to expire within the next few days.” So I was able to jump on that.That one’s really cool. It’s called Just Drive.
Amy 03:08
Awesome. Yeah. You don’t want to let your insurance expire, so that’s definitely a good thing. How much space is this going to take on my phone? I’ve already got a ton of apps. I have Netflix and all these other things. Is this going to a huge hassle to make room for?
Matt 03:24
No. I mean, these type of apps typically don’t take too much space. You can kind of look at it, and I’m sure your phone will tell you if you have enough space to run the app or not, but I haven’t ran into a problem at all. I’m even running one that it kind of does the same thing as that other one I told you about, but this ones for car maintenance service and even fuel. So what it does, it’ll let me know how to improve my fuel efficiency. It kind of takes into account the amount of miles that I’m running each day. So you kind of do have to have your location set, and once that thing is running, it’s automatic. It’s going to track all the miles that you put on your car on that day. It’ll show up as a journal. You can even say whether you did this trip for work, or if you did this for personal reasons, things like that. But it’s cool because it lets me know when I need gas, where I can go to get it the cheapest, and it’ll tell me what gas station that is, and then it also does those service date reminders and things like that.
Amy 04:35
Well, that actually does sound pretty helpful now that you’re talking about saving some money here with gas. And also, I do do a lot of driving and travel for work, so that could be helpful to separate those two things and kind of keep a log.
Matt 04:48
You know me. I’m all about saving money, man. Saving money and time.
Amy 04:50
Yeah. So thrifty [laughter]. I’m coming around to this idea here, so–
Matt 04:58
You should there’s another one. It has a really cool name. You’ll never forget it. It’s called Drive-O.
Amy 05:04
Matt 05:05
Drive-O [laughter]. So along with its cool name, it also has some really cool features. It does help you track your gas consumption, and things like that, but it also helped me with reoccurring expenses that I have for my car, whether that be for maintenance, or whether that’s for even gasoline. It just helps me with saving my money long-term. And of course, when you get those alerts with those other apps letting you know that you’ll have X service due within the next month or so, it just really helps me to start planning out for that sort of stuff. So a lot of times, like I said, in my past with my cars, a lot of the maintenance, I’d neglect it because I would just be too zoned in in my everyday life and not think about the car. And I’m stupid because I wish that the car would just fix itself or think my car is going to last. It’s built strong. It’s going to be here forever. But that’s not the case, man. It’s much like taking care of your own body. You’ve got to actually maintain it and put in some good things, and it is going to take an investment from time to time. And so that’s one thing that I’ve started to realize. And apps like Dive-O, some of the other ones I mentioned, they really do help out even with repairs. If I need to know what’s wrong with my vehicle, I’m not a mechanic. Everyone that knows me knows that. And I do have some friends or neighbors that work on cars all the time, so a lot of times I might just go to their house or something and say, “Hey. My cars making a weird sound. Can you help me out? I’ll give you a six-pack. Something like that or make some type of trade deal. But a lot of times I don’t really want to– I don’t have the time or it’s not the right time visit those people and all that stuff. So having apps that can actually help you out with your car problems and even repairs, for someone like me, that’s not so auto savvy, it’s a lifesaver, I’m telling you.
Amy 07:17
Yeah. And actually I’m glad you brought that up about how you– although we don’t like to say the words, “I’m stupid,” instead, you’re just unaware that you have to take care of your vehicle, and an app like this will really help you keep on track with that it sounds like. So here at the dealership at Glendora Chevrolet we also really believe that the best kind of maintenance is your preventative maintenance, you’ve got to get it done, and that’s going to really save you the big bucks down the road. So yeah, that sounds like a really useful tool to have when it comes to caring for your car.
Matt 07:48
For sure. And even if you’re planning at some point to sell your vehicle, a lot of people will ask you for the car facts?
Amy 07:57
Matt 07:58
Well, there’s an app where you can actually get that car facts. So it’ll actually tell you already the service history, tracks your repairs, oil changes, brake check reminders, just all those things are automatically kind of geared into that app. So if anyone does ask you for that car facts, you could just send them the report that you could download straight from the app and that’s it.
Amy 08:21
That’s excellent news. Yeah. It seems like it would be very useful. Did you have any other apps you wanted to share with us today, or–?
Matt 08:32
I guess one I could share is SpeedView, and that’s a GPS speedometer [laughter]. Yeah, I have a heavy foot. I like to drive fast sometimes, and I know I’m not the only one. But there are apps out there like this that can help you. It’ll talk about your fuel efficiency, and educate you on what driving too fast can do to your car. And it just has tips on lessening your wear and tear on your vehicle and, of course, just monitoring your speed. And it’ll actually report to you your average speed, the maximum speed that you did that day – was it on a highway, was it on just a regular street that you were driving on. Hopefully, you’re not doing all that. I won’t drive that crazy on a street-street. But freeways, I get a little happy sometimes.
Amy 09:26
Yeah. It’s easy to have that happen. So one thing I really like about this idea of these apps kind of educating you and keeping you aware of what’s going on is that a lot of times when something does happen to your car and you’re like, “Urgh.” And then you find out, “Oh, if I had done this, this, this, this, or that, this wouldn’t have happened. How come I didn’t know?” But this kind of eliminates that factor and really helps you to take care of your car for the long-run kind of like a health app for your body.
Matt 09:54
There you go.
Amy 09:54
Yeah. Okay. So which one of these is your favorite?
Matt 09:59
My favorite, it’s probably going to have to be right now– actually, I don’t even know if I mentioned it. It’s called iFixit. So this is a free repair manual. And so with that, you’ll just kind of– my car has been through a lot, and I don’t really typically go in– it’s kind of an older car, so I actually enjoy being able to fix it myself. Like I said, I do have friends that work on cars all the time, and this kind of helps me at least know what they’re talking about, and then I could join in and help them fix whatever is wrong with my car.
Amy 10:32
Okay. When you’re feeling adventurous?
Matt 10:37
Yeah [laughter]. Yeah, I guess so.
Amy 10:39
All right. So any other car maintenance tips you want to share? Do any of these app’s cost money or are they all free?
Matt 10:46
The ones that I have mentioned today are all free. They do have some other versions where you can maybe get some more from that app if you were to pay. But no, typically, all free, and they don’t take up too much space. So, why not?
Amy 10:58
Perfect. So here at Glendora Chevrolet, we recommend that you download one of these apps. Come in, talk to us if you want some more about this, or you can even call in with a question for Matt if you have one. Yeah [laughter].
Matt 11:16
Maybe don’t do that [laughter].
Amy 11:19
No, I mean, about the apps [laughter].
Matt 11:20
Oh, okay.
Amy 11:21
About the apps. And take good care of your car because it is one of the biggest investments that you’re going to make in your lifetime. And if you’re going to take care of your body – with health apps, and these fitness watches, and everything else that we’ve got – why not do the same for your car? So we really encourage that you take this proactive measure. We’re always happy to help you schedule a maintenance appointment if you need one to talk with you about anything that might be going on with your vehicle. So that’s it. Any last words?
Matt 11:53
No. If you do have any questions on your car, I just want to repeat, I am not the guy to talk to, but I do know some more guys here that work in the service department at Glendora Chevy, and they’re all really great too. A couple of them actually gave me some of these apps, so definitely talk to them.
Amy 12:11
Thank you so much for talking with us today Matt.
Matt 12:14
All right. No worries. Thanks for having me.
Amy 12:15
And we look forward to the next episode of this podcast. Bye.
Matt 12:20