Chevy has long been concerned about the safety of its car buyers. The 2019 models are loaded with more features than ever before due to advancements in technology. The 2019 Chevy Traverse is no exception, it features many new safety features to keep both the driver and passengers safe. The newest technology allows features such as:


The new Chevy Traverse uses both radar and ultrasonic sensors to help watch the surroundings, especially in blind spots. It helps detect traffic during lane changes and will notice pedestrians in both the front and rear of the vehicle. Little children close to the front of the car are to small to be seen over the hood so this can be a life saver.

Collision Alert

This feature uses cameras that will alert you of vehicles slowing down in front of you. It is adjustable from long range to close up, or can be completely turned off. These alerts will help you slow down in time to avoid a collision.

Braking for Pedestrians

This system will detect possible pedestrians which will alert the driver of a possible collision. If the driver doesn’t respond the system will automatically apply the brakes to minimize the damage or possibly even avoid it.

Vehicle Braking

This is similar to the pedestrian braking system. When activated, it will detect and automatically brake when a collision is imminent under 50 MPH. An accident might be completely avoided when using this system. This also will operate at higher speeds which can help reduce the severity of an unavoidable collision.

Checking Behind the Vehicle

The Chevy Traverse will also help detect hidden obstacles when backing up. The rear camera automatically activates when shifted into reverse which is displayed on the touch screen and gives you a view of any potential blind spot behind the vehicle. The traffic alert system will give you a notice of approaching vehicles from behind which are a potential hazard. It also utilizes the rear camera to aid in parking.

Blind Spot Assistance

This new technology takes advantage of radar to warn you of blind spots as well as vehicles approaching from behind at high speeds. This can help you avoid a possible collision by taking evasive actions. When changing lanes on a freeway, this system will alert you of any vehicle hidden on either side of your Traverse.

Surround Vision

This uses a system of 4 cameras linked together to give you the ultimate view of the surrounding area of your Traverse. It transmits a complete digital image to your display screen so you will be more aware of all the traffic around you.

Traction Mode

This safety feature will help you maintain control of the vehicle no matter what the road conditions are like. By turning a dial, you will be able to switch between normal driving and off-road conditions. You can be better prepared for snow, ice, and muddy areas. There is also a mode made for a trailer package, which gives you more torque by keeping you in a lower gear than normal.

Daylight Running Lights

The ability to be seen on the road will lessen the chance of another driver pulling out in front of you. These are high-powered LED lights that will alert other drivers and help you be seen during daytime hours.

Automatic Dimming

New technology allows for automatic headlight control at night. It will sense how dark it is and switch the lights to high beam automatically while dimming them for oncoming traffic and city driving.

Advanced Cruise Control

This high tech will adjust your speed automatically to keep the distance between your car and other vehicles at a preset distance, saving you from constantly accelerating and braking.

Disc Brakes

The Traverse uses powerful disc brakes on all 4 wheels to ensure that you will be able to come to fast controlled stops. Even though this is a mid-size vehicle, Chevy wants you to be able to stop at the shortest distance possible from any speed.

Stability Control

The Stability controlling system will also help keep you from losing control of your Traverse by applying braking to the wheel that needs it or adjusting the throttle control to maintain safe control of the vehicle. The Traverse also automatically monitors tire pressure. Low pressure can affect steering and fuel mileage.

Air Bags

The Traverse has airbag systems in just about every place they can be installed. They provide both front and rear head airbags as well as side mounted overhead airbags in case of rollovers. Chevy has put a lot of thought in the placement of airbags in this vehicle to protect driver and passengers in any type of accident. Always stay safe in any situation.