Matt 00:02
Hey. Welcome listeners. It is Matt. I’m here. This is the Glendora Chevrolet podcast. And so I’m doing a little something different. I actually have the pleasure of meeting with someone I just met. And what’s really cool about this guest is that she just bought herself a brand-new truck. She goes by the name of Jasmine. Is that correct?
Jasmine 00:24
Matt 00:24
Jasmine, thank you for doing this. So you just bought yourself a 2018 Chevy Silverado. Is that right?
Jasmine 00:32
I did. I did.
Matt 00:33
Why the Silverado, though?
Jasmine 00:34
Well, you see, my dad, he actually owns one and he loves it. So I grew up around the Chevy Silverado. So I decided to get one now that I have a daughter. It’s just very roomy. It’s very dependability. I just love it.
Matt 00:49
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No, they are some– they’re built tough. Chevy trucks have always been the ones you can depend on. And you said it’s also pretty roomy?
Jasmine 00:59
Yes. It is, actually, in the back seat. I love it. I love the little window in the back of my[laughter] [crosstalk] too.
Matt 01:04
That’s awesome. So a truck kind of gal ever since you were younger. So wow, it does kind of run in the family, huh?
Jasmine 01:10
It does. Maybe one day it’ll get passed on to my own daughter [laughter].
Matt 01:14
What color did you get?
Jasmine 01:16
Black. And black wheels, black on black.
Matt 01:19
All black everything?
Jasmine 01:20
Every day. Black on black.
Matt 01:21
Even the interior?
Jasmine 01:23
Yes, sir.
Matt 01:23
Oh, that’s perfect. So I mean, what do you plan on using your truck for?
Jasmine 01:28
Well, actually a couple things. So we always go to the lake during the Christmas-time. We go up to Big Bear. My parents actually own a cabin up there, so it works out very well because I have such a trunk. It’s very roomy. It’s comfortable for the drive up there. My daughter’s only one and a half, so long drives for her don’t go well [laughter]. But being in there, it’s just very comfortable. And I have, really, nothing to complain about. I mean, there’s a lot of room to store everything for her. Keep in mind I have a stroller, a car seat, to boot, bags when I’m going on vacation. And it’s just always been great ever since I’ve had it.
Matt 02:07
How does it drive? Does it sound pretty rough when you’re behind the wheel, or–?
Jasmine 02:11
I actually never hear it. It is so quiet.
Matt 02:14
Jasmine 02:15
Yes. I love it. And when my daughter’s asleep, or maybe I’m not driving, and I just want to kick back? It’s the most comfortable ride.
Matt 02:23
That’s awesome. Okay. So now you’ve kind of got me thinking about if I should get me a Silverado.
Jasmine 02:28
Black on black [laughter].
Matt 02:30
I guess, what are some of the other features, maybe behind the wheel, that you find are pretty helpful to you?
Jasmine 02:37
So there is actually an app that unlocks my doors. It sets parking reminders. There’s also Apple CarPlay and Android car play. I, personally, myself, am an Android person, but some of my other family are Apple people. So it’s pretty cool having the ability to use both of those features in the vehicle. They also have a little portable charger for my phone, which is awesome because a lot of times my significant other wants to go the 99-cent store to find something to hold our phone or to charge it or something like that. And the car comes equipped with that, so–
Matt 03:15
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Jasmine 03:15
–it’s just very helpful so that I don’t have to worry about any of that.
Matt 03:19
That’s the pad, right? You just the phone on the–
Jasmine 03:22
Matt 03:23
–pad? Oh, man. That’s awesome. I do like that because then it saves all the wires get in the way and all that.
Jasmine 03:29
Yeah. I hate those.
Matt 03:31
Wow. Okay. So this is all pretty good stuff. Now, you talked about how you might pass it on to your daughter. And I know that you said that your dad actually owned a Chevy as well. Do you see yourself, honestly, just keep keeping this Chevy as strong as you can for as long as you can? And you really want it to be a family thing now?
Jasmine 03:52
Yeah. Of course. I mean, Chevy, it’s lasted a really long time for our family. so I know that it’s a really good car, that I can depend on it whenever need be. Especially because I am a female and when I’m out with my daughter by myself, you’d never want anything to happen. So the car just really– it’s always has my side or my back, never lets me down. But maybe in the future, they do have a teen driver technology system within the car, so there could be some possibility where if my daughter is ever interested. That may be a possibility to pass it on. Right?
Matt 04:29
Right. No, that would be really great. And then, by that time, you’d pay it off and everything too.
Jasmine 04:33
Well, I’d hope so [laughter].
Matt 04:33
So you don’t have to keep her in debt.
Jasmine 04:35
Maybe she could take over the payments. Okay [laughter]?
Matt 04:39
So listeners out there, I do want to mention real quickly, you do hear Miss Jasmine over here talking about how long they last and everything. And there is something called Truck Legends that is brought to you by Chevy. If you were to go onto, or you could even find information on our website, you’ll be able to see that if you do have a Chevy truck that’s driven over 100,000 miles, you’re what they call a Legend. So you’ll be able to join that community. Most of those trucks do last well over 100,000 miles. So if you’re interested in looking for a truck that looks very good, black on black, that has all these amenities, including the Apple Play– if you’re an Android person, it also helps with that also. And then you are able to receive exclusive merchandise and even special discounts. All that stuff is available to you. Just make sure you check out the website or you can ask any of our people here in the store. They’d love to help you out with that. So going back to you, Jasmine. Now, I know that you’ve done some research, obviously, on the Silverado, or maybe you didn’t do none, you just kind of knew, “I want to get a Silverado.” My goodness, is that yours out there with the grille? Wow. That’s a nice truck.
Jasmine 05:55
Thanks. You might want to get one yourself.
Matt 05:57
No. Yeah. I got to work on that. I drive a little– I’ve got to work on that. Don’t worry about what I’m driving [laughter]. But for everybody else, I do want you guys to realize that there are a ton of amenities that come in these new trucks now. They do have the rear vision camera. And I’m sure that helps you out with parking, right?
Jasmine 06:15
Oh, yes. I have to have that nowadays.
Matt 06:17
Yeah. Especially with a truck that’s– it’s a pretty big truck. I’m not going to lie. It’s pretty big. It’s got the low-speed forward automatic braking. So of course, that’s a safety feature to help you make sure that you’re going to stop in time, not hit anybody. This truck can do damage, I’m telling you. It’s that big of a truck. And it’s just great. Does your truck come with the Lane Assist?
Jasmine 06:42
The Lane Assist? It did.
Matt 06:43
Oh, that’s beautiful.
Jasmine 06:44
Yeah. I love it. Always have it on.
Matt 06:46
Yeah. And then it even has this Collision Alert. I don’t know if a lot of our listeners out there are familiar with that. This Collision Alert will kind of just– it lets you know if you’re too close to something in front of you. And it’s just, again, Chevy is all about safety. They know their drivers really depend on their trucks or their cars. So a lot of what they got right now is just safety, preventative measures. And it’s really nice to know that the company is always looking forward to technology and making sure that we’re safe out there on the road. Now, you also have the front– is it a front and rear parking assistant?
Jasmine 07:25
Matt 07:26
Yeah. Okay. So not only do you have that rear vision camera, but, again, if you are parking somewhere and you’re too close to an object–
Jasmine 07:35
It will alert.
Matt 07:35
–it’s going to let you know.
Jasmine 07:36
Yeah. And that’s also what’s cool is that they always say, “Think smarter than the other drivers.” You may be a good driver, but somebody around you may not be. So it’s just awesome that they give you those features to ensure your safety. They don’t just ask– I’m paying for something that I trust and that will protect my family. And that’s something that I think everybody should look for.
Matt 07:59
Right. Yeah. You said your daughter’s only a year and a half?
Jasmine 08:03
She is.
Matt 08:04
So it’s October now. Is she going to dress up for Halloween?
Jasmine 08:07
I think so. She’s going to be– actually I’ve had it planned. She’s going to be a little deer [laughter]. Yeah. It’s so cute.
Matt 08:15
That’s going to be nice. And then next month, you have Thanksgiving, so.
Jasmine 08:20
Yes. Time to get with my family and everything. And that’s also a great time for us too because, like I said, right after that is Christmas and then New Year’s. And during that time, we plan a lot of trips. So we always go out to Big Bear, to the cabin to snowboard. And that’s just what’s great about having a comfortable car with the room in the back for my daughter. And then having that big trunk to carry everything along with me? It’s just great.
Matt 08:48
Right on. Well, I do appreciate you mentioning all that stuff for our listeners out there. And anybody out there, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. Ladies love big trucks.
Jasmine 08:59
We do. We do. And when a guy asks me for my truck to tow some stuff [laughter]? I say, “Nope. Get your own truck.”
Matt 09:07
I guess that is one thing that kind of– well, I mean, it can’t be the best feeling. Are you the only one with a truck, out of you and your friends?
Jasmine 09:16
My friends, yes. My family, no. So they always ask me– we recently moved, so for us, I just got my truck, so it was kind of a new thing where I didn’t have to ask anybody to use their truck or go rent a U-Haul. I had my own car and it just felt amazing. So I have friends that are always making jokes with me, being like, “Oh, so you’re going to let me use your car to move or to go to a trip?” And I’m like, “Nope. It’s my car [laughter].”
Matt 09:44
All right, guys. If you’ve got any more questions about the new Silverado, the 2018 Silverado, it’s an awesome ride. Take it from me. Take it from Jasmine. It does come with several safety features, several different amenities. It even has different engines if you’re looking for something a little bigger. I think it’s got the 4.3 and the 5.3.
Jasmine 10:04
I believe, yes.
Matt 10:05
I think it’s a 5.3 as well. So 4.3 and 5.3, yeah. It even has some special features that help you with gas and everything like that. It’s called Ecotec. And that, of course, is going to help you just save on gas. We know it gets a little crazy out there, especially heading into the holidays when everybody’s driving. So just make sure you go ahead, ask all the questions you want. You can find it right online. You just visit us, the Chevy– I’m sorry, not the But you definitely want to go to We’ll have all your answer for you there. You don’t have to buy anything. We’re not trying to sell you over the internet. But if you have any questions about any of our vehicles, especially the 2018 Silverado, we’ll be there to answer all of your questions. Jasmine, I really do appreciate your time for this. I wish you well with your truck and good luck with everything.
Jasmine 10:56
Perfect. Well, thank you for taking the opportunity to speak with me about my new Chevy Silverado [laughter]. It’s been a long day. Hopefully, you guys enjoy it as much as I do.
Matt 11:07
Yes, ma’am. Thanks again, listeners. Appreciate your time. Tune in next month, we’ll have another episode of the Glendora Chevrolet podcast. It’s getting close to that time for Thanksgiving and holidays and just time for being with the family. So we are definitely going to touch on that. You’ll get to know some of our other Chevy family members here, whether they’re our “customers” or even service reps. Anyone out here, man, we’re all about the family here. So stay tuned. Thanks a lot.