Matt: 00:01
What’s going on, listeners? It’s your host, Matt, again. And I’m at the TCC studios once again. And I wanted to– what I’m going to try to do, because I got a friends list, man. And all my friends are some incredible people. I really believe that. And I actually grew up with a bunch of friends that were into cars. I know you hear me on these podcasts, and, a lot of times, I ask some of the most random questions. I was always into driving, but I didn’t know cars in and out like a lot of my friends did. Even my family members, they were all into the mechanics of things. And that just wasn’t me. I just wanted to get behind the wheel and just drive something. But I’ve got one of my friends here. She was always into off-roading. And you’re probably not going to believe it. If you were to actually see Stella, who I’m going to introduce you guys to very shortly, she’s a short girl. You probably wouldn’t believe that she was wanting to be off-roading in these big trucks with the big wheels on them and anything like that. So it may not look like her, but I’m telling you guys right now, she’s afraid of absolutely nothing. She loves adventures. So let me go ahead and just introduce you guys, now, to my dear friend, Stella. Stella, how are you?
Stella: 01:20
What’s up? What’s going on, Matt?
Matt: 01:22
Not too much. Not too much. First off, I know you’re pretty busy in your life. So I appreciate you taking some time to do this.
Stella: 01:28
No, man. Thank you for the intro.
Matt: 01:31
No worries. I was just thinking about this stuff, man, because I’ve been doing these podcasts a little bit now. And I had the chance to go to different dealerships and whatnot. And I’m always reminded of some of the times we had back in the day. And I remember you just always– but remember when you used to take that little, red Matt0, and you used to think that that was–?
Stella: 01:53
It was mine? Yeah. I remember that.
Matt: 01:56
Take it off-road.
Stella: 01:57
I had some pretty crazy times.
Matt: 01:58
Yeah. Are you still into trucks?
Stella: 02:01
Somewhat, yeah. I literally just got one.
Matt: 02:04
Stella: 02:04
I just a little mid-sized truck. A Chevy. I’m driving a Chevy Colorado.
Matt: 02:08
No way.
Stella: 02:09
Yeah. ZR2.
Matt: 02:11
Woo. Where’d you get it from?
Stella: 02:12
Chevrolet in Glendora.
Matt: 02:15
You serious?
Stella: 02:15
Matt: 02:16
That’s what this podcast is for.
Stella: 02:17
Oh, snap. For real?
Matt: 02:18
Stella: 02:19
Oh, that’s crazy. Yeah, I came up on their website. And I was just going through their stuff. And I really dig their layout. But what ended up intriguing me was, when I got there, how welcoming they really were. So that and my like for trucks, so.
Matt: 02:37
Okay. So you’re on the Colorado, you said?
Stella: 02:39
Matt: 02:39
Tell me about it. What’s the big deal about the Colorado?
Stella: 02:42
Honestly, I went for it because, like you said, I am pretty small. So you wouldn’t think I’m over here driving big trucks. But this one was, probably, the coolest mid-sized truck that Chevy had on their lineup. They have the Colorado, then they have the Silverado. Which was my next choice. But, no, the Colorado, literally, the second I looked at it it just spoke to me. And it reminded me of those times going off-roading and stuff. So it was still big enough for me to do what I wanted to do. And made it efficient enough for me to continue doing what I’m doing. Which is driving a lot. Yeah.
Matt: 03:16
Yeah. So you are driving a lot?
Stella: 03:18
Mm-hmm. I do commute–
Matt: 03:19
So it’s a good commuter?
Stella: 03:20
Yeah. It’s actually really good. It’s a really good daily car. Surprisingly, they offered in a diesel engine. So it being diesel, it kind of makes the fuel last a little longer.
Matt: 03:30
Okay. Nice.
Stella: 03:30
Yeah. It helps out a little bit.
Matt: 03:32
How tough is it as far as being able to haul things?
Stella: 03:36
Also, it being a diesel engine, it gives it more durability for it to last to pull things. So it’s actually made for that kind of stuff, too.
Matt: 03:45
That makes sense.
Stella: 03:45
Yeah. It looks like an off-roading car, but, yeah, people use it to haul mostly. Because, think about it, who really goes off-roading all the time?
Matt: 03:51
I don’t know.
Stella: 03:51
Matt: 03:52
Are you still doing that? You didn’t catch it on the intro.
Stella: 03:56
I know.
Matt: 03:58
Okay. So you’re still off-roading with this thing. Have you also looked at some of the bigger trucks that they have in their lineup? Maybe a Silverado?
Stella: 04:04
Yeah. The Silverado’s are nice. But for my taste, it was too big. I felt like I was driving a semi-truck. But, yeah, no, those are good too. I thought they were pretty tough. They look just as tough as the Colorado. So that’s why I chose the Colorado.
blue Chevy Colorado
Matt: 04:18
And that’s the thing about Chevy, man, is they’ve always had that reputation of being built to last. I don’t know. It doesn’t–
Stella: 04:27
I agree.
Matt: 04:28
–look the same at all. Remember back in the day? All the models were kind of boxy.
Stella: 04:32
Boxed. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Matt: 04:34
Yeah. And made of metal. And you could just kind of bang them up.
Stella: 04:36
You could bang them up. Now, you can. They’re still making them to bang them up, but I feel like I got to be a little more careful. They look nice.
Matt: 04:43
Yeah. Exactly. I was just about to say that. It’s like they look too nice to just bang up like that. But they still are very durable and they’re still built with that same quality that Chevy’s always produced. Now, tell me a little bit something a little more now. Because times have changed. We get older. And we got to be, kind of, more concerned with our well-being, our safety, and things like that. You feel safe in that truck?
Stella: 05:09
I do. And it might also because it’s a Chevy. American cars are known to be made for the average citizen and getting you from point A to point B as, hopefully, any car should. But, yeah, I feel safe. When I’m driving it on the freeways, I know no one’s going to come and side-swipe me or bumper-to-bumper me in the back. Because it’s big enough that it still moves pretty quickly.
Matt: 05:37
How is it as far as comfort? Is it pretty comfortable in there?
Stella: 05:41
Yeah. Surprisingly, it’s a little big on the inside.
Matt: 05:45
Stella: 05:45
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I have friends who drive the Rav4. And it’s bigger than theirs.
Matt: 05:52
Oh, nice.
Stella: 05:52
Yeah. It’s a little bigger than theirs. But, yeah, surprisingly, that’s one thing that I was really shocked about is how much cargo space it had. Even on the inside.
Matt: 06:02
You know what I like about– I don’t have one. I don’t own one. But I did have the chance to drive one. It’s the perks of doing podcasts for these–
Stella: 06:10
Yeah. I know.
Matt: 06:11
So what you call it? I was looking at their Colorado once. And I actually liked the sound system, man. I like the infotainment stuff. It’s like [crosstalk] and all that.
Stella: 06:20
Yeah. And nowadays, they have everything that connects to your phone, too. That one plugs in with my Apple CarPlay. It’s tight.
Matt: 06:26
It’s beautiful.
Stella: 06:27
It’s tight.
Matt: 06:27
And they got the Bose sound system. And I’m sure you–
Stella: 06:30
Banging. Yeah. Even though I never leave that one on low sound.
Matt: 06:34
Oh, of course. Of course.
Stella: 06:35
It’s always bumping.
Matt: 06:37
So is there anything else about the Colorado that really stuck out to you? And, maybe, for some of our listeners out there, something that you would say, maybe, if they’re kind of on the fence about it?
Stella: 06:47
Well, if you’re like me and you do drive a lot but you want something to look a little more tough and aggressive, I feel like the Colorado is your bet. Especially because it’s small, it’s just enough– it’s a crossover. It’s compact enough for you to still use it as a daily. And, if you do choose to take it off-roading, you have that choice. So I think that’s the beauty in that. But, yeah, I would say do it. You won’t regret the Colorado at all.
Matt: 07:14
Perfect. So real quick, though, before you get out of town and everything like that because we don’t always get to catch up like we are going to today, I’m hoping, maybe you want to do some off-roading?
Stella: 07:25
Yeah, let’s go, man.
Matt: 07:25
Let’s do it.
Stella: 07:26
You’re not down.
Matt: 07:27
I’m down.
Stella: 07:28
All right. Let’s go.
Matt: 07:28
All right. I’m ready. Listeners out there, if you are interested in doing any off-roading of your own, want to get into it like we are, maybe, the Colorado is for you. Go ahead and look on the website as my friend, Stella, did here. Glendora Chevrolet dot com. You’ll be able to see all the trucks that they have in store for you right now on the lot. And, of course, if you have any questions, you don’t even have to bother coming in. There’s a little chat feature there. So you’ll be able to text, chat whatever questions you might have. And, of course, when it’s time for you to test drive, come on through Glendora Chevrolet. You heard it here first.
Stella: 08:01
Yeah. And just to add to that real quick, most welcoming staff. Most welcoming staff. They’ll help you [where they need to?].
Matt: 08:06
See? You listeners thought it was just me talking. You heard it right there. All right. So we’re going to go ahead and do this. We’re going to have our fun. Listeners, we’ll see you next month.
Stella: 08:15
All right, man. Later.
Matt: 08:16
Thanks a lot.