In a recent announcement, General Motors has stated that it will cease production of and cancel the Chevy Impala. This move will be made in an effort to restructure its operations. Ending production of the Chevy Impala will mark the end of one of the manufacturer’s top vehicles. The Impala has been in production since the 1950’s and is regarded as America’s most iconic vehicles. After ten generations, the sedan looks to share little compared to its previous models. Despite reaching some notable milestones, the Impala will no longer be sold to consumers.

In recent years, the Chevrolet Impala has been one of the most commonly used vehicles at car rental entities. The car has been widely used as a commuter car for business travelers and families who are visiting an area on vacation. While its popularity as a car rental is still quite high, General Motors believes that it is not likely going to be a profitable option when it comes to their line of vehicles for Chevrolet. As a result, the Impala will only be attainable as a used model in the upcoming years.

An auto industry analyst named John Wiley said that there is now going to be a shift in demand from the Impala. For many years it was an in demand family sedan but now it is no longer as popular among consumers. Since it is no longer popular among average consumers, the Impala is going to disappear. This will result in one less option for enthusiasts to purchase and enjoy when it comes to large family sedans.

In the year 2000, the Chevrolet Impala became a vehicle with front wheel drive along with offering a V8 engine. Despite these features, the car did not stick to its roots like other popular large sedans such as the Pontiac G8. Cars such as the Pontiac G8 stuck with rear wheel drive. Since the Impala will be discontinued, there will be a major impact on the collectability of this car in both current and older models. As a result, there will be less options for collectors to get when looking to drive in an Impala.

According to Hagerty Price Guide, the most valuable Impala is the 1963 Z11 lightweight sport coupe. This car has 427 cubic feet, 430 horsepower, a V8 engine and a value of $282,000. This is the value of the car if it is in good condition but not perfect condition. If this car is in top condition, it is valued at $445,000 which is ranked as the third most valuable car on the market.

As of 2013, the Chevrolet Impala was still getting noticed by consumers and auto enthusiasts. The car was making a great impression on many in the auto industry as a top of the line vehicle. It was clearly making a statement and proving that Detroit has made a resurgence after the great recession of the late 2000’s. In 2014, Consumer Reports raved about the newest design and was named as its top rated sedan of the year.

The consumer reports magazine reported that the Impala has undergone a big transformation in recent years. According to the magazine, the sedan was quite uncompetitive and outdated and was therefore a model that consumers should avoid. Even though it was upgraded as a rental car, the magazine said that consumers should still avoid using it. However, with the recent redesign, the car would become more modern and become a very enjoyable car to drive on a regular basis.
Despite the upgraded design, the Impala is in need of yet another redesign in order to remain as a competitive car. Since there is a new demand for other types of vehicles, the Impala will need to add more features in order to meet the preferences of most auto consumers. Nowadays, consumers want sport utility vehicles and trucks instead of sedans. As a result, cars such as the Impala are now slowly becoming a bit obsolete. Due to this factor, Chevrolet and General Motors have concluded that it will need to focus on making other types of vehicles rather than continue manufacturing the Impala.

Since the 1950’s the Chevrolet Impala has been one of the staples in the American auto market. At one time, it was one of the most popular sedans on the market and widely purchased by many auto consumers. However, the car’s demand steadily went in decline over the last several years. In recent years, many auto consumers have gravitated towards purchasing and leasing larger vehicles such as trucks and sport utility vehicles. With sales figures going in decline and costs reducing profits, General Motors and Chevrolet has decided that it is finally time to end production of this once popular car. Today, the Chevrolet Impala will now be another classic car from that past that is no longer a part of the modern car market.