The 2019 Chevy Volt is a compact car that’s powered by a plug-in hybrid system. Having an efficient powertrain with low emissions, this sleek sedan is popular among drivers who have a genuine concern for environmental issues. The Volt also boasts premium safety technology in the Driver Confidence package.

Efficient Performance

The 2019 Chevy Volt is equipped with a 1.5 L engine block that’s injected with gasoline through a direct injection system. Running on variable valve timing, this small powertrain works in sync with two electric motors that provide on-demand power according to driving conditions. You can extract up to 294 pound-feet of torque from the plug-in hybrid system. Running on gas, a range extender is available to maximize the total driving range on the highway. This innovative feature is engineered to come on when the battery pack has a low level of electrical energy in storage. This smart generator has sensors that automatically detect the real-time charge remaining in the lithium ion battery, which has a maximum rating of 18 kWh. A liquid thermal management system prevents the battery from overheating on a hot day.

By using only electrical power, the versatile Volt can run for up to 53 miles. When you fully charge the battery and fill the fuel tank to capacity, you can enjoy a driving range of up to 420 miles. According to extensive road tests, this plug-in hybrid Chevy can cover 1,100 miles without any refills at a gas station. You’ll simply need to routinely recharge the battery to enjoy such an impressive range between refills at the pump. Whether you’re at home or away on a road trip, you should find convenient ways to recharge the plug-in hybrid powertrain. Rated at 120 volts, a portable charging cable is included in this innovative sedan. You can plug in this electrical cord into any three-prong outlet in the United States of America or Canada. Paired with an onboard charger that’s rated at 7.2 kW, a 240-volt charging system is available for much faster charging. A two-hour charge will be enough to propel the car for up to 40 miles in the city or on the highway. Keep in mind that the 240-volt charging unit must be professionally installed by a Chevrolet dealer or authorized affiliate.

Safety Features

In addition to having an efficient design, the 2019 Chevy Volt offers class-leading safety features. Having an all-new configuration, the Adaptive Cruise Control-Advanced System automatically maintains a safe gap between this sedan and another car in front. This innovative technology helps you focus on the steering instead of braking. If you get too close to a moving vehicle, the Forward Automatic Braking will apply maximum forces on the brakes to avoid a crash. The severity of the impact will be greatly reduced if an accident can’t be avoided. Before the brakes are engaged, the Forward Collision Alert will appear in the instrument cluster. This plug-in hybrid Chevy sedan also boasts a warning system for unintentional lane departures. Additionally, the Lane Keep Assist will steer the car back to the center of a lane. When it detects other cars crossing into your vicinity, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert will generate acoustic and visual warnings in the dashboard. It’s a good idea to use the HD rear vision camera to check the surroundings prior to backing up. The Side Blind Zone Alert is another technology that can help you avoid an accident. Thanks to the Rear Park Assist, you don’t have to worry about bumping into parked cars, motorcycles or other stationary installations. Additional guidance and input will be provided by the Automatic Parking Assist. Introduced in 2019, the Pedestrian Safety Signal issues loud alerts to people who seem to cross into your intended path on the road. The 2019 Volt also has the following passive safety features:

10 Air Bags
OnStar Automatic Crash Response
Teen Driver
LATCH System
Three-Point Seat Belts

Interior Amenities

The 2019 Volt boasts a handful of high-tech amenities that keep you entertained and comfortable during trips. An infotainment system with an 8-inch HD touch screen is available in this plug-in hybrid sedan. Mirroring an iPhone on the multimedia display can be done through Apple CarPlay. Similarly, Android Auto will mirror everything that’s shown on your Android smartphone. You can stream music on Pandora Internet Radio through the mobile-friendly portals of this Chevy car. Every passenger can also log on to a 4G LTE WiFi network that’s powered by OnStar. Featuring a subwoofer, the eight-speaker Bose sound system brings crystal-clear acoustics to your ears. A shark-fin antenna with SiriusXM compatibility is another audio feature in this Chevy car. Here are some other top amenities that are installed in the Volt:

Heated Front and Rear Seats
Jet Black Leather Upholstery
LED Ambient Lights