Matt: 00:01
How’s it going, listeners? It’s your host. It’s Matt. I am here at the Think Creative studios. And I actually brought a friend of mine here. This podcast, obviously, is for Glendora Chevrolet. And I happen to know some people– I got great friends, first and foremost, and it’d be great if I had the opportunity to just kind of introduce you to some of them. I got in touch with one of my old friends from back in the day, and one of the main things that I remember about this guy that you’re going to meet is his love for cars. Period. He’s always been just really fascinated by all the cars. And this guy, we’d hang out and he would randomly just spit out some facts, like, “Did you know this, and did you know that?” And at the time– I mean, things haven’t changed too much. You guys know I’m not into the cars that deep. I just know what I like to drive type of deal. But this guy could tell you all about the ins and outs of things and when things were actually made and how they were made and all that jazz. So I thought it’d be a great opportunity to just introduce him to you guys and have him kind of speak about one of his most favorite vehicles, that being the Chevrolet Camaro. So without further ado, give it up for my buddy, Tom Smith. Tom, how’s it going man?
Tom: 01:22
Hi. How are you?
Matt: 01:23
I’m good, bro. How have you been?
Tom: 01:25
Matt: 01:26
It’s good to see you again. I was thinking about this stuff because I’ve been doing these podcasts for these dealerships for a little while now, and I’m always just kind of the guy that’s asking these questions that maybe other people want to know. And I would always kind of think about the times that we had in the past where you just randomly– I didn’t even want to know back then, but you were just telling us all these different facts about some of the cars. So I’m glad you had the time to do this for me, man.
Tom: 01:55
Yeah, no problem.
Matt: 01:55
I really appreciate it. So let’s go ahead and talk about one of your faves, I think. Actually, just give me a background. Just let people know who you are, man.
Tom: 02:05
Well, I’m from California originally, but I did do a little stint in Colorado. I moved out there with my family. And I kind of found my way back to California for work and stuff, so.
Matt: 02:21
Awesome. So what are you doing for fun nowadays?
Tom: 02:24
For fun, just– you know me, cars, cars, cars.
Matt: 02:28
Yeah [laughter]. Yeah. Some things never change, man. I know one of your favorites though was the Camaro, right?
Tom: 02:35
Yeah. Yeah. I love the Camaros. They’re a solid car for sure.
Matt: 02:40
For sure. The Camaro, man, it’s always been just a beast on the road.
Tom: 02:46
Yeah, kind of that American muscle type car.
Matt: 02:49
Yeah. Exactly. And it always seems to be kind of just compared to the Mustang or something like that.
Tom: 02:56
Yeah. Yeah. It was actually originally invented to compete against the Mustang.
Matt: 03:03
Oh, so it’s a good thing that it’s being compared to the Mustang. It’s what it was built for.
Tom: 03:07
Yeah. Yeah. So, I mean, Mustang is a really popular car and Ford was like a well-established manufacturer. So Chevy had to come out with some competition for Ford Mustang back then. People wanted a good engine solid car that’ll last for a long time. Camaro’s bringing it to the table.
Matt: 03:30
Yeah. And, I mean, they’re pretty consistent with the Camaro also. Isn’t that how it used to be though back then? It was like, oh, just–
Tom: 03:37
Yeah. So back then, there was more heavy, more focus on horsepower and stuff like that, but now you’re getting into– cars are made out of fiberglass and they don’t have that steel frame anymore. And you kind of need some more safety with the lighter cars and they don’t have a solid frame anymore like they used to.
Matt: 04:04
Oh, for sure. Well, I’m glad you kind of mentioned the safety. So have you looked into the 2019 Camaro at all?
Tom: 04:11
Yeah, a little bit. A little bit.
Matt: 04:13
So have you noticed any safety features that were kind of standing out to you?
Tom: 04:19
Yeah, a couple. So I noticed that they actually have 335 horsepower, which is pretty cool because–
Matt: 04:28
And it’s pretty nice.
Tom: 04:28
–it’s close to the Mustang, so it’s good to compete with that. And then it goes 0 to 60 in 5.1 seconds.
Matt: 04:37
Tom: 04:38
Yeah. I mean, it’s a pretty fast car and it keeps up that reputation of the American muscle.
Matt: 04:43
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. No, it’s still strong.
Tom: 04:46
But as far as safety features and stuff, they do have forward collision alert. So if it detects anything in front of your car, it’ll kind of apply the brakes so you don’t hit the car in front of you. And then they also have– the backup cameras are becoming a standard in most cars nowadays, so the Camaro is going to include that too.
Matt: 05:08
Yeah. That really helps me out.
Tom: 05:13
Yeah. And then they also have rear park assist.
Matt: 05:17
What’s that?
Tom: 05:17
When driving in reverse, it provides distance-to-object alerts to help the driver park and avoid nearby detected objects and stuff.
Matt: 05:28
Oh, okay. Awesome. All right. Cool. So I know that you have a love for Camaros, man, and I wonder though, what was your favorite?
Tom: 05:42
Probably like those years right before 1970. Like 1969. Even the ’67 model was pretty good. That was the first year. So I like those old model cars. But in 2009, they came out with a nice model when they brought it back. Yeah. Because they actually stopped making them in 2002.
Matt: 06:08
Oh, really?
Tom: 06:08
Yeah. They discontinued them.
Matt: 06:11
I see. These are things I didn’t even know about. All right. So they brought it– so discontinued in 2002. So it went from, you said, ’67 all the way to 2002. And then they brought it back when?
Tom: 06:22
Matt: 06:23
’09. Wow. Okay. So I haven’t actually had the chance to test drive one of the 2019s yet. But 2018s, to me, at least, that seemed pretty special. Did you have a chance to drive one?
Tom: 06:39
I haven’t had a chance to drive the 2018, but I’ve seen them. They looked pretty nice.
Matt: 06:44
Yeah. I liked those ones a lot, so it looks kind of mean. I guess, as far as performance goes, it will always depend on which trim level you get, I’m sure.
Tom: 06:53
Yeah, yeah, for sure.
Matt: 06:54
Which one of those trims did you like?
Tom: 06:57
I like how the SS models look. Those are solid. They look mean.
Matt: 07:01
Look mean. Exactly. They look mean. And we were actually hearing that there’s going to be a– Chevy’s also going to be bringing back another vehicle that they discontinued back in the day. That’s the SUV they got, what is it called, the Blazer.
Tom: 07:18
Matt: 07:19
So they’re bringing that back and word is that they’re trying to make it kind of look like a Camaro. Have you heard that?
Tom: 07:26
Yeah. I don’t know about all that but– I mean, I can see it a little bit, just bringing back that reputation that Chevy brings to the table, bringing back models that built the brand.
Matt: 07:42
Yeah. No, you’re absolutely right, man, because Chevy always– they’ve always had that reputation of, how you said earlier, just being strong. They’re built tough, built strong, built to last. And I remember actually seeing a lot of the– even from the Camaro, I remember it being a very heavy-looking vehicle, just solid steel metal all the way around. And I kind of remember that same thing with the Blazer as well. It was a little boxy and it just looked almost like a Suburban, just a smaller Suburban, just square-looking. I felt like you could take that anywhere, man, off-road and–
Tom: 08:20
Yeah. For sure.
Matt: 08:21
I’m not sure. Now that they’re saying it’s going to look like a Camaro, it’s not going to be the same boxy feel any longer. But yeah, I’m interested in seeing that. Do you have any interest in that, or you’re just like, “No ways. Nothing compares with the Camaro.”
Tom: 08:34
Well, I’m interested to see how they changed the model from the old one, to see how it looks now. And I mean, because when the Camaro was discontinued in 2002, that model was way different than the model– how they look now. The 2018, 2019 look way different than the 2002 model. And I think Blazer is going to come with the same thing, bring some new features but keep some of the old– the feel for the Blazer, that camping car.
Matt: 09:06
Yeah. I hope so, man. I don’t know, man. It might be kind of– It might be kind of cool to have a little SUV that– if it drives like a Camaro, oh, there is going to be a lot of soccer moms out there.
Tom: 09:18
Yeah, I think they actually have Sport Mode in those cars, so.
Matt: 09:22
Oh, okay. Interesting. Yeah. Well, I have to test drive one of those when they come out. So about this Camaro, man, you’re dropping a lot of knowledge that I didn’t know about. So it was actually built to be the competition for the Ford Mustang. How do you think, just in your opinion– I know all this stuff just really boils down to opinions and what people prefer. But do you prefer Camaro over Mustang or are you like–?
Tom: 09:47
So I’ve driven the 2015 Mustang, and I’ve driven the 2017 Camaro. And to be honest, they’re both really nice cars, but I do like the interior on the Camaro a little more. I feel like there’s this little bit more room. And, I don’t know, something about the Mustang– it seems a little tight fit and it’s kind of like a one-person, two-person car. And the Camaro gives you a little more space.
Matt: 10:23
All right. Okay. Well, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do because I know you’re– we hardly ever get to see each other. It’s been great to catch up with you even outside of this podcast, man. So if you have some time today, man, I’d love to take you out on a test drive. I got friends. I got friends in good places, like I said. All my friends are great, man. So Glendora Chevrolet is definitely a place where we can find ourselves a Camaro. Maybe you and I can take them out for a spin. What do you think?
Tom: 10:50
Yep, sounds good.
Matt: 10:51
All right, man. Let’s get into it. Listeners out there, we’re going to go ahead and get our test drive on. If you want to go ahead and follow suit, please come out to Glendora Chevrolet. You can also make sure– if you go online to, you’ll be able to see if they have the car that you’re looking for on the lot. They also have a little chat feature, so you can– instead of wasting some time getting out here to be disappointed, you can ask them any questions as you might have about the vehicle that you’re searching for. If you have a love for Camaros and just that American Muscle, make sure you check them out. Come to Glendora Chevrolet. You might see us here. You might see us on the road. If you see us, make sure you say hi. And we’ll talk to you soon. Thanks a lot.