Matt: 00:04
Hey, welcome, listeners. It is Matt. I am here at Glendora Chevrolet. And today, I have a new guest for you. I am with David. David, how are you?
David: 00:13
I’m doing terrifically.
Matt: 00:14
It’s been wonderful to meet you, man. I had a short conversation off camera, of course, with you. And you seem like a really friendly guy. And you seem really knowledgeable as well. So that’s why we asked you to come here.
David: 00:28
Oh, we’ll see if that holds up [laughter]. I’ll do my best for you.
Matt: 00:32
So what is it that you do here, actually?
David: 00:33
I am a product specialist. It’s my job to know what all the buttons do on all the cars.
Matt: 00:39
[inaudible]. That’s exactly who we want to talk to.
David: 00:41
Button-wise, I’m your man [laughter]. We’ll see if we delve too greedily and too deeply into the history of the Blazer [inaudible]. Yeah.
Matt: 00:48
Okay. Yeah. So listen, today, we actually– me and the film guys, we actually were able to come out here. And we’re checking out the Blazer. So we’re about to go film some things for the Blazer. But we decided we need to know some stuff about this vehicle.
David: 01:02
Sure. Yeah.
Matt: 01:03
First and foremost, I remember the Blazer from back in the day.
David: 01:08
Matt: 01:09
It definitely doesn’t look the same.
David: 01:10
No. It’s a totally different design. Yeah. The Blazers, they were more like off-road vehicles, or you go camping, you throw all your stuff in the back. And they’re built like tanks. And four-wheel drive, and you get out in the mud, and you beat it up. And it just keeps running.
Matt: 01:24
Boxy looking. Maybe steel type of– yeah.
David: 01:27
Yeah. So, yeah, the Blazer first came out in 1969. And a couple generations went through. The last generation of true Blazers was like 1994.
Matt: 01:36
David: 01:36
So it’s been a long time. Yeah. In 1994, they were actually renamed to the Tahoe. And that’s where the Tahoe comes from.
Matt: 01:41
Oh, that’s where the Tahoe comes from. Interesting. Okay.
David: 01:45
How about that?
Matt: 01:46
So the Blazer is back now. It’s been revived.
David: 01:49
The Blazer is back.
Matt: 01:50
And it’s actually a little bit smaller than the Tahoe is. Am I right?
David: 01:53
Yes. Yeah. Well we have full-sized Tahoes. I don’t want to call it a hole, but there’s a hole in the lineup for the Chevy brand right now, between Equinoxes and the Traverse. Equinox is a great mid-size SUVs. Really good fuel economy. The Traverse is awesome, seven or eight passengers. You can get the 3.6 liter V6 in it, so you got plenty of power. You can tow up to like 5,000 pounds in them.
Matt: 02:18
David: 02:19
Yeah. They’re really robust. But we need something in between an Equinox and the Traverse. And that’s where the Blazer is. That’s where it slots in.
Matt: 02:28
How’s the feedback been so far?
David: 02:30
Tremendous. People are really excited about how it looks in particular. People been saying it kind of looks like a Camaro in the front. A little bit like–
Matt: 02:38
I was saying the same thing. Yeah.
David: 02:39
There’s a touch of Camaro, like the headlights. And also on the inside, like the AC vents and stuff, they’re like those big, like turn knob looking things.
Matt: 02:45
Those knobs. Yeah.
David: 02:47
Yeah. So it looks really cool.
Matt: 02:48
Man, I mean I’m anxious to get in one. Does it drive like a Camaro?
David: 02:53
Matt: 02:54
I mean it can’t, right?
David: 02:55
No. I mean nothing drives like a Camaro [laughter].
Matt: 02:58
Right. Right.
David: 02:59
It’s really hard to describe how things drive. You just have to get in one to feel it. I could tell you this, and I could tell you that. But until you experience it, that doesn’t really mean anything. “It drives eight percent better than one of these.” You know, it’s like–
Matt: 03:12
Yeah. Yeah. It sounds like you just invited me to go on a test drive. Is that–?
David: 03:17
Yeah [laughter].
Matt: 03:18
David: 03:21
That’s fine. I know where all the keys are, so [laughter].
Matt: 03:23
That’s exactly why I wanted to talk to you today.
David: 03:24
Matt: 03:27
Before I jump into one, though, I want to know about how is it with safety and things like that?
David: 03:32
Safety? It’s awesome. All the way from the base model up to the premier, everything has side curtain airbags, airbags on both sides for the passengers, outboard airbags on the sides of the seats. I don’t recommend hitting something, but if you do, it turns into a marshmallow [laughter]. Not as delicious as a real marshmallow, but yeah.
Matt: 03:50
Definitely not. I don’t even want to try it.
David: 03:51
Yeah. The engines are all bracketed. The motor mounts are designed to brake and push the engine out of the bottom, in case of a forward impact. The crumple zones on it are huge, especially since the back’s extending out there. Extremely safe.
Matt: 04:03
Geez. Okay. Now one thing I saw– I think I caught it on YouTube or something like that, was if I were to want to switch lanes, either left or right, and there’s a car that’s too close to me–
David: 04:15
You are thinking of the side blind zone alert.
Matt: 04:18
That’s the one.
David: 04:18
Which is one of my favorite features.
Matt: 04:20
Mine too.
David: 04:20
I recommend everyone look over their shoulder when they turn. That is the law. You should continue to do that. But there’s this thing called a side blind zone alert. On the side mirrors, there’s a little symbol of a car and a star. If there is anything in your blindspot, a car, or some motorcycles, bicycles, anything in your blind spot or rapidly approaching your blind spot, that little indicator on the mirror will light up yellow. If you’re signaling to that side, it’ll flash yellow. And also it will sound an audible chime in the car, let you know, ehh, you’re about to hit something. So, yeah. Again, look over your shoulder. But, yeah [laughter]. And it only works with moving stuff. It doesn’t get activated on parked cars or anything like that. It’s very sensitive, and it’s very accurate. Yeah.
Matt: 04:56
Wow. Accuracy is key. Yeah. I didn’t mean to sound like I was a horrible driver.
David: 05:02
No [laughter]. I didn’t mean to imply that. Yeah.
Matt: 05:06
No. Yeah. Definitely look over your shoulder, listeners. I’m sure you’re probably better at driving than I am. But, yeah, it definitely helps that we have some of those. Are there any other safety features that we should–
David: 05:16
Oh, yeah. There’s a ton of stuff. Especially on the RS model and above. There is a base model, that’s like premium cloth seating. You get pretty good sized rims on there. It comes with the– what is it, it’s a 2.5 liter V4. It’s like 194 horsepower, which is more than enough. You’re also going to get really good gas economy in it. What was the question [laughter]? No, just kidding.
Matt: 05:37
Well just finish telling me about the different line of different trims. Is RS the top?
David: 05:41
Oh, yeah. Yeah. No, the RS is the middle section. It has a lot of the appearance packages that’s going to come on the premier. It’s got black perforated leather, appointed seating. It’s got red accents inside, sueded microfiber stuff. It’s super comfortable.
Matt: 05:58
So that’s the one–
David: 05:58
You just kind of have to get your eyeballs on it, so.
Matt: 06:01
Yeah. That’s the one that’s going to look like a Camaro, even on the inside.
David: 06:04
Yeah. I mean nothing looks as good as a Camaro [laughter]. But, yeah, they look pretty darn good. Yeah.
Matt: 06:09
Okay. Awesome.
David: 06:10
They look awesome. And then the premier, as far as safety features– now I remember. We were talking about safety features.
Matt: 06:15
We were. Yeah. Yeah. We were.
David: 06:16
Yeah. I mean they all have available adaptive cruise control. They have forward collision alert, which is if you’re coming up to the car in front of you, the car will beep at you, like, hey, maybe don’t hit the guy in front of you. Yeah. And you can even change the following distance for the alert. So you can set it for really far, very close, depending on how you prefer to drive. Yeah. I mean they got a– what is it called, rear cross traffic alert. So if you’re backing up the vehicle. This is like one the ones that have parking sensors. If you’re backing up, the car can detect if a car is coming from either side. So if this is you, and you’re going this way, the car can tell if there’s traffic back here. And then it’ll beep and let you know.
Matt: 06:54
Does that work for pedestrians also?
David: 06:56
Maybe pedestrians that are my size [laughter]. I don’t know. That’s a great question. I’ll have to convince some of my friends to jump in front of it, so [laughter].
Matt: 07:03
Whoa, good luck with that. I was going to ask some of the film guys if they could just get behind me real quick.
David: 07:08
Yeah. It’s for science.
Matt: 07:10
Back up.
David: 07:10
It’s for posterity, so.
Matt: 07:11
You got to do it for the team. I’m excited it’s back, actually. I remember when there was first a buzz coming around it last year. And people started to say, “Hey, it’s coming back.” And at first, I was thinking, what’s the big deal? Just because I kind of remember it from back then. And then I realized they’re going to make all these different changes to it. And it’s really something exciting. So I can’t wait till we can get out there. As far as our listeners go, though, if any of you guys out there are thinking of test driving one yourself, I definitely recommend going to the website, I’m sure you guys will be able to see if they have any in stock, obviously. And then if they do need to ask any questions, should they be asking for you?
David: 07:57
Yeah. If they like test drives.
Matt: 07:59
David: 07:59
Yeah. I’ll give my first one to you.
Matt: 08:00
Who doesn’t? That’s what I want.
David: 08:03
Yeah. Our website’s great. Everything’s detailed on the car. There’s a breakdown of all the features, everything that’s on the vehicle. You can find it on our website. The camera guys that we have here are super good. They take 360 all the way around the vehicle. They even do 360 inside. So you can click on the photo section, and then you can actually look all the way around inside the car too. It’s not as good as actually sitting in one, but if you’re curious, absolutely check it out online.
Matt: 08:27
Definitely. And of course, come and see David at Glendora Chevrolet. Is there anything else you want to tell us before we end?
David: 08:36
No, I’m good [laughter].
Matt: 08:38
Okay. Great. Because I’m excited. I’m ready to test drive one for myself.
David: 08:41
Let’s do it.
Matt: 08:44
I mean I’ll let you guys know how it is, afterwards. You ready?
David: 08:49
There you go. Yeah. Let’s do it.
Matt: 08:49
Okay. Thanks a lot, guys. We’ll see you later.