Matt: 00:20
Hey listeners, I’m back. It’s Matt over at Glendora Chevrolet. And I’m here with a friend that you’ve already met. I recently met him, and he was actually the guy that took me out on a test drive for the Chevy Blazer. You guys remember that. And if you did listen to that one, you might have heard some little tips, little jewels that he was talking about, about the history of the Blazer and how the Blazer actually was a Tahoe? Do I have that right? [crosstalk]–
David: 00:53
Not exactly, no. The Blazer ran from ’69 to 1994. And then in ’95, I mean, like the Blazer kept getting bigger and better, and like it kept getting stretched out, and it’s this big vehicle. And so they renamed it to the Tahoe, and that’s where we get the Tahoe from. So–
Matt: 01:10
Ahh, okay. So the Blazer first–
David: 01:11
So it was the Blazer all the way up to ’94. And then in ’95, they made the switch and they renamed it to a Tahoe. So that’s where we get Tahoes from.
Matt: 01:17
Okay. So I had a chance to look at the Blazer. The Blazer was, it was great. It was beautiful. I came back and I saw this really shiny silver Tahoe that had the black Chevy logo. It was beautiful–
David: 01:34
They call those–
Matt: 01:34
–it was a big body and–
David: 01:35
–bow ties.
Matt: 01:36
Bow ties.
David: 01:36
Did you know that?
Matt: 01:37
I did not.
David: 01:38
Yeah, the Chevy logo’s supposed to look like a bow tie.
Matt: 01:39
David: 01:39
Yeah. That’s where it comes from.
Matt: 01:41
Okay. [crosstalk].
David: 01:42
How about that?
Matt: 01:43
That’s beautiful [laughter]. [crosstalk]–
David: 01:44
Another tool for [crosstalk].
Matt: 01:45
Exactly [laughter]. So obvious the Blazer is a little smaller than the Tahoe is. The Tahoe looks a little bigger. And I actually took a look inside because I was going to get the keys and– you know how I am. I like to test drive.
David: 01:59
Yeah. Well, you got to get your hands on things.
Matt: 02:01
Yeah, yeah. There’s three rows.
David: 02:04
Matt: 02:04
Wow. So how many [crosstalk]–?
David: 02:06
So you better have a lot of friends if you’re going to buy one. So [crosstalk]–
Matt: 02:08
Well, I’m going to get friends if I’m driving that [laughter].
David: 02:10
Yeah. Yeah, there’s three rows. They’re pretty cool. Like on the higher-end models, the third rows actually power up and down.
Matt: 02:20
Oh, wow.
David: 02:20
See you just press the button and like, ahhh, and you press the button just zzz-zzz. It’s super cool.
Matt: 02:24
Dude, this is perfect. I might actually not want to drive it. I’d probably want to be the guy in the back. [crosstalk].
David: 02:29
[crosstalk]. If we bump into something I think it’s technically my fault anyways, so [laughter]. Feel free to drive it.
Matt: 02:35
As far as safety features go, it has all the safety [crosstalk]–
David: 02:39
Yeah, it’s got side [inaudible] and alert. It just depends on the model that you get. Of course the higher-end models are going to have more of the goodies. But yeah, rear cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, forward collision alert. Yeah, it’s got everything that you’re going to need. Yeah, I’m sorry.
Matt: 02:56
One thing that I do really enjoy about Chevy in general – and I’m sure it’s probably going to be the same when I experience that Tahoe – is their infotainment center.
David: 03:05
The infotainment system is pretty cool.
Matt: 03:06
Is it?
David: 03:07
Yeah. It’s 8-inch full color touch screen display, backup camera, super easy.
Matt: 03:11
See that’s what I like.
David: 03:12
It’s not like it– some of them they’re not very responsive, but these are super easy to use. Press it and it works.
Matt: 03:18
Oh, it’s like a touch screen?
David: 03:19
Yeah, it’s a touch screen. You can just doot, doot, doot, doot– ahh.
Matt: 03:22
Oh, I see [crosstalk]–
David: 03:24
Think I’ll change my radio preset – doot. It’s super easy.
Matt: 03:24
Yeah, yeah. I don’t– yeah. I got to get with these times.
David: 03:27
It’s awesome.
Matt: 03:27
I got to get with the times.
David: 03:28
I mean, everyone’s used to like laptops and tablets and phones and stuff, and everything’s in touch screen now, so. Yeah. And the systems that are in these cars are super slick, so.
Matt: 03:37
Dude, okay. All right. So because it’s such a big-body vehicle, though, how is it on gas?
David: 03:45
How is it on gas?
Matt: 03:45
David: 03:45
Not tremendous.
Matt: 03:47
Right. Right.
David: 03:48
I mean, it’s a full-size SUV. But all of our Tahoes have active fuel management. So when you’re on the highway, it’ll shut down to 4-cylinders when you’re not using the extra power. In fact, it’s so subtle, you can’t even tell that it’s happening. The only way you can tell is when you navigate on your driver information center screen – the little one that’s in front of the steering wheel – if you poke through to the miles-per-gallon section it shows you your fuel economy, there’s like a little symbol it says V8, and when you’re on the highway and you’re not on the gas it says [inaudible]. Other than that, you cannot tell that it’s happening.
Matt: 04:19
That seems–
David: 04:18
And it does it by itself.
Matt: 04:20
Chevrolet is really doing everything that they can to make me switch. And I really want to. Chevrolet seems to be doing everything correct right now. And I appreciate it [laughter].
David: 04:32
You’re very welcome. I was in charge of all of those things and they’re all [crosstalk] [laughter], so. You can thank me for– no [laughter].
Matt: 04:39
Okay. So real quick, I know that the Tahoe seemed to be– it was pretty much one of the, I guess you’d call it a staple for Chevrolet. It’s been one of the most popular vehicles.
David: 04:51
Yeah. Absolutely.
Matt: 04:51
I see a lot of them on the road, even though they might be a little bit older. Do you expect that to continue now with the new model coming in and?
David: 04:59
Yeah. I mean, you know, Chevy’s been around for over a hundred hears. And that’s because they put out a quality vehicle, and people buy them, and they run forever. Yeah. And Tahoes are super safe. They’re a little bit higher off the ground. You’re basically on a truck frame. So, you know, impacts, it’s just going to shrug it off. I don’t recommend getting in to accidents, but, you know. Nothing beats being in a full-size SUV.
Matt: 05:22
That’s awesome. I mean, just real quick, if you can – and I know there’s a lot that goes into this – but what are we looking at as far as pricing, whether it’s base model–
David: 05:33
Matt: 05:33
–all the way up to the top.
David: 05:36
Base models, somewhere in the 50s. And then up on the top, you’re in the 70s. Luckily, there’s always a lot of rebates and good programs and incentives, and. Yeah, most people qualify for just about everything, so.
Matt: 05:50
Beautiful. Okay.
David: 05:52
Yeah, if you end up paying that really high dollar amount, I would be surprised, so [laughter].
Matt: 05:57
All right. Good, good.
David: 05:59
Yeah, we’re always cutting deals here, so.
Matt: 06:00
If someone needed to come in and they had a question – not only about the vehicle, but about some of those rebates – are you the guy that could help them with that, or?
David: 06:07
Matt: 06:08
David: 06:08
That’s not a problem.
Matt: 06:09
David: 06:09
Yeah. I mean anyone, anyone here. We’re not like, “You can’t talk to me, you have to talk to someone else [crosstalk].”
Matt: 06:11
[crosstalk] going to go [crosstalk]–. We want people to see David, and trust me, listeners out there, when you’re coming in to Glendora Chevrolet, and it’s time for you to test drive, if there’s anything on the lot that you have questions on, trust me, believe me, David is the guy you want to see.
David: 06:27
I love questions. It’s my job to answer them, and if I don’t know, I have to go find the guy that does. And that’s what I do all day; that’s my job.
Matt: 06:35
And that’s why you’re our guest [laughter].
David: 06:37
Thank you. I feel better [crosstalk].
Matt: 06:38
[crosstalk] is who we want [laughter]. This is what we want. No, your knowledge is, it’s great, man. You’ve always went out of your way to look for answers for us, and, honestly, we appreciate that.
David: 06:47
Not a problem.
Matt: 06:47
These are just things that the average people are going to want to know.
David: 06:51
Yeah, absolutely.
Matt: 06:52
So, it helps us out a lot.
David: 06:54
And don’t be shy to just show up and ask any questions you want. If you’re curious, just come on by. It costs nothing; it’s totally free, is get your eyeballs on it, get your hands on it, see if it’s for you. It’s totally fine.
Matt: 07:06
And honestly, everyone here at Glendora Chevrolet seems to be pretty friendly. You know, as soon as I walked in – me and the team – everyone kind of just greets us. If they haven’t met us before, then they’re like, “Hey, who are you here to see? How can we help?” So it’s a great environment.
David: 07:20
Yeah, the owner here is actually, he’s a awesome guy. He’s pushing our dealership and all the other ones that he’s in charge of to be number one in customer satisfaction in our region, so. And we’re actually pretty close.
Matt: 07:33
Is that Mr. Martin?
David: 07:33
Mr. Martin, yeah.
Matt: 07:34
Oh, he is a great guy. I’ve heard a lot about him, but haven’t got to meet him yet.
David: 07:39
He’s the most humble guy you’ll ever meet. You would have no idea that he was the owner if you walked in.
Matt: 07:42
David: 07:43
Apart from the suit that he’s wearing [laughter]. But other than that, he’s, yeah, he’s just the best guy ever. And I’m not just saying that because I’m his employee.
Matt: 07:51
No, man, I hear the same thing.
David: 07:53
No, he’s great.
Matt: 07:53
He is. I definitely want to meet him sometime. I hope to. So you’ve actually got to meet him?
David: 07:58
Yeah. I’ve shaken hands with him a couple of times. The first time it was like, “Oh. Oh, you’re the– oh.” Yeah, [laughter] I’m glad I was behaving, yeah, so [laughter]. Yeah.
Matt: 08:08
That’s perfect. Yeah, so hopefully we’ll be able to meet him at some time. That’s all the questions I had, honestly, about this Tahoe. I remember the Blazer vividly. I enjoyed it. But it was something about that Tahoe that I really just liked, so.
David: 08:24
Yeah. Every once in a while people wander the lot, as it were. And we leave people alone. If you just want to look around, that’s fine. We don’t harass you and, yeah.
Matt: 08:33
That’s another thing about this place, no one’s pushy.
David: 08:35
People tend to wander over and take a look at the Tahoe. That’s usually where they end up, so.
Matt: 08:39
I mean, why wouldn’t they? Yeah. Well, I mean, I’m going to be honest with you, and the rest of the listeners. I’m probably not going to that 70 and up one. I’ll be looking at the one that’s, you know, a little lower than that. But definitely want to take a look. So guys, if you are interested in one of these 2019 Tahoes, please do your research on the website. I mean, it’s a brilliant vehicle, especially now that you can, you know, you’ve heard it right here from David himself, let you know that on the freeway, you’re going to be going – automatically, you don’t have to worry about this at all – you’ve got an 8-cylinder vehicle and on that freeway, it’s dropping to 4 cylinders, so hopefully, that’ll help them out with some gas and things like that. It’s a safe vehicle, so load up the family, three rows. I’m ready; let’s go do this. I’m ready. All right. Appreciate your time again, David.
David: 09:29
Yeah. Not a problem.
Matt: 09:30
Thanks so much.