The 2019 Chevrolet Traverse has marketed itself as the perfect mid-size SUV for families out there. There are several reasons why this SUV will soon outweigh some of its competitors as the best and the most comfortable Mid-size SUV. First and Foremost, this SUV has a spacious people and cargo hauler. The 2019 Chevy Traverse is not just a wholly new and a competitive vehicle but it’s a crossover. What this means is that it is very matching for a small to mid-size families. You get to enjoy full-size space at the midsize price.

This year’s model is larger than the previous models. It is also lighter, sleeker and even more modern. However, if you pay a closer attention to the interior features, you will notice that most of its interior features are enhanced from the previous models. One of the main upgrades is the optional automatic heated steering wheel. This steering just like it was on the 2018 model, it turns on automatically when the automatic activation is enabled.

Despite all the above positive features, there are some of the people arguing that 2019 Chevy Traverse is not as involving to drive as most of its competitors. I bet this is the reason why it’s ranked in the top 5 in the list of 2019 mid-size SUV rankings. However, this SUV is a perfect match for families and because of the features and the space it carries.

Why 2019 Chevrolet Traverse is a perfect mid-size SUV

To start on this, I have to state that 2019 Chevy Transverse is a good SUV. However, this depends on your preferences and choice. I will not say that it is as energetic as some of the competitors but I will confirm that it’s the perfect mid-size SUV in terms of passage and cargo space. This is why it still outweighs some of the industry rivals.

Additionally, Chevy Traverse has a very User Friendly infotainment system. There are those other people that are worried about the ride but in this case I can assure them that 2019 Traverse delivers a cushioned ride even on rough pavements. It is also a good SUV when you want a family car that will run on a budget. It has been designed to save fuel significantly.

Additionally, safety features are enhanced in this model to ensure that the risk of death or fatal injuries is reduced significantly in case of an accident. The SUV is very reliable and has a couple of family-friendly features.

With all that said, I know the other thing that crosses your mind next is whether you should buy this SUV or not. This question can only be answered after filtering your needs. It depends on what you want. If you want a 3-row mid-size SUV, then this model is hard to beat. Additionally, if you want to get a SUV at a reasonable price, then this is the best vehicle. What this means is that this SUV is not a bad match or a bad value. On the other hand, if you don’t really need all the passage and cargo space, you can go for other models.

The price

The 2019 Chevy Traverse attracts a base price of under $30,000. This is a good price even when compared to some of the competitors in the market. Additionally, there are plenty of trim options for the traverse starting with the high country trim starting at around $53,000.

How many people do the SUV seat and what’s the quality of the seats?

This SUV can sit up to eight people. The number of people it seats depends on whether you opt for a