Here is another decent subcompact that serves its purpose right. We are expecting that the new Chevrolet Trax will receive some minor changes and updates for the coming year’s model year. We are also assuming that the 2020 model will be the last model year of the current, first-generation Trax. There are several expectations that we have about the 2020 model year. Some of the changes that we expect will be minor but we also expect some changes on features and equipment group structure.


This Trax will be an all-new mainstream subcompact CUV that will carry the manufacturer’s name to the next generation. Trax is known in several locations of the world including Central America and South America. There’s a lot to expect but most of the specs and other information remain behind the limelight. However, the good news may be released somewhere in 2019 or 2020 when we expect this CUV to hit the market as a 2020 or a 2021 model year’s big deal. The all-new Trax will make sure that Chevy’s leadership in the mainstream subcompact space is uncompromised. The manufacturer knows it clearly that there are several upcoming rivals and hence they have to stay ahead at any cost.

After the launch date, this vehicle may be featured and sold in almost every part of the world where Chevrolet currently has a say. It will be sold in the United States, Mexico, Canada, United Arab Emirates, China, Korea, and several other destinations. The next-gen Trax may be sold in more countries if the brand enters additional markets over time.

What Expectations Do We Have?

We are expecting so much from the coming year’s model. It will take the form of a baby Blazer but with huge feature and design improvements. With that in mind, we are expecting one or two new exterior colors and two new interior color combinations. There will be several changes in style but no changes in the powertrain. We also don’t expect the introduction of a new engine.

Available spy shots show a machine that’s getting more like a Blaze and the last snapshots show a crossover with less camouflage than most of the people thought. With all the evidence, it’s very easy to deduce that this Trax will closely resemble the larger Blazer.

Body Styles

Most people are expecting a SUV that continues to be offered as a subcompact crossover utility with five-doors. The SUV will continue to ride on the GM Gamma II platform which is closely shared with the 1st generation Buick Encore and 1st generation Chevrolet Sonic.



The next gen-Chevrolet Trax is being assembled at the below two factories for global markets.
● GM Bupyeong Factory which is closely operated by GM Korea
● GM San Luis potosi factory which is operated by General Motors Mexico.
No one has reliable data about its availability but we are expecting it to hit as the 2021 model year. It is also expected to be the last one for the 1st-gen Chevy Trax.


We don’t have clear information about the price but we expect that it will remain roughly at the levels of the current model. The fact is the price will be close to $21,000. This price is not way beyond the expectations.

Changes, updates and New Features
There are several changes that we expect. These are some of them.


● They may delete the red hot exterior color
● We expect addition of three new exterior colors including Pacific Blue Metallic, Dark Copper Metallic and Satin Steel Metallic.
● The other thing is the addition of a new ‘’Premier’’ badge on Liftgate.


The next-gen Trax has a couple of naming including the Trax in North America. It is also known as a Tracker in some international markets including Russia and the CIS and some select markets in South America.

More Space and More Power

The 2020 Chevrolet Trax will be larger than the previous models. It looks bigger both inside and outside with a more modern interior. It will as well sport front-wheel drive but we are also expecting a four wheel drive either option or variant. Most of the people are expecting a more practical and a city oriented CUV.

More Style

While there will be more similarities between the next-gen Trax and its brothers, we are expecting a more comfortable and a stylish interior and exterior. The vehicle will receive the same 1.4 turbo petro engine but it could feature a 200+ hp 2.0 turbo petrol engine especially when it gets the Avenir treatment.

That’s all we can say by now. However, to keep updated on this, you should check out the updates. We expect much from the next-gen Chevrolet Trax but convinced that the price will remain the same as that of prior models.