If you’re located in the Glendora area and are in the market for a new or new-to-you car, Labor Day Weekend is one of the best times of year to purchase your next vehicle. Keep reading to learn more about Labor Day car deals in Glendora. 

Why Buy a Car on Labor Day? 

It is common knowledge among avid car collectors and auto critics that Labor Day Weekend is an ideal time of year to buy a car. There are several reasons why this is almost universally true.

Woman buying a new chevy

Woman buying a new chevy

First off, many car dealerships take advantage of extended holiday weekends to offer special promotions in order to gain the attention of more customers. Also, car sales tend to be lowest near the end of the month year-round as car salesmen struggle to meet their monthly sales quotas. Finally, car prices—especially for used cars and cars from previous model years—usually drop in the third quarter of every year as car dealerships try to make more room on their lots in preparation for the upcoming release of vehicles for the next model year. 

Since Labor Day is an extended holiday weekend that falls in the third quarter of the year near the end of the month of August, it’s usually easy to find great deals on cars over Labor Day Weekend. 

Labor Day Discounts at Glendora Chevrolet 

If you are located within the city of Glendora or the Greater Los Angeles County area as a whole, take your business to Glendora Chevrolet if you decide to buy a car this upcoming Labor Day. 

Glendora Chevrolet is an official Chevrolet dealership that is home to an expansive inventory of both new and used Chevrolet cars, trucks, and SUVs. This car dealership is known for its wide and diverse inventory of new and used Chevy vehicles, its outstanding customer service, its flexible financing options, and the special deals and discounts it offers. 

The expansive variety of Chevrolet vehicles that are available at Glendora Chevrolet help make this car dealership the best local dealerships for Glendora drivers to visit over Labor Day Weekend. If you choose to purchase your next vehicle from Glendora Chevrolet this Labor Day, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to which model you want to buy. 

Also, Glendora Chevrolet does not sell new Chevrolets exclusively. They also sell an expansive range of used Chevrolets, including a broad selection of certified pre-owned Chevrolets. As previously mentioned, Labor Day Weekend car sales tend to offer the greatest deals and discounts on used cars because car dealerships are desperate to get rid of cars from previous model years before automakers release their new models for the next model year. 

If you want to take advantage of these special deals and discounts on used cars, head to Glendora Chevrolet. You are sure to find a used Chevrolet model that meets your needs, preferences, and lifestyle at this Glendora car dealership. 

Plus, Glendora Chevrolet also sells a wide selection of certified pre-owned Chevrolets. These models must pass rigorous inspections, have clean titles, and be under a certain age and number of miles in order to qualify for Chevrolet’s official certified pre-owned vehicle program. If you want to take advantage of deals and discounts on used vehicles this Labor Day but are wary about taking a risk on a standard used car, check out Glendora Chevrolet’s selection of certified pre-owned models to get the best of both worlds. 

Labor Day Weekend car sales won’t last forever. If you want to make your next vehicle purchase official this Labor Day, don’t delay. Call or visit Glendora Chevrolet today to ask about your options for getting a great deal on a new or new-to-you Chevrolet vehicle this Labor Day.