The Chevy Trax is a subcompact SUV that seats 5 passengers. It has been a part of Chevy’s vehicle lineup since 2013—although it didn’t become available on the mainstream auto market in the United States until the 2015 model year. Today, let’s have a look at the redesigned Chevy Trax.  

Ever since it launched for the 2015 model year, the Chevrolet Trax has been a very popular vehicle in Chevy’s lineup. It is a subcompact crossover SUV, which means that it has a lot of competition on the auto market. Subcompact crossover SUVs currently comprise one of the most popular vehicle classes on the market. In fact, crossover SUVs in general are currently the most highly-favored vehicles on the auto market in the United States. The Chevrolet Trax has held its own on the United States auto market for several years now—despite all of the competition it faces on the U.S. auto market. 

For the 2021 model year, the Chevrolet Trax underwent a complete redesign. Since it was already one of the most popular subcompact SUVs on the U.S. auto market, the Trax’s redesign has many Chevy fans eager to see what’s in store for the 2021 Chevrolet Trax—which is expected to hit the mainstream auto market in the United States in the last weeks of 2020 or early in 2021. Keep reading to discover 5 of the best features that the redesigned Chevrolet Trax subcompact crossover SUV has to offer. 

Impressive Drive Performance

Chevy Trax compact SUV

Chevy Trax compact SUV

The point of buying a car is to drive it, so drive performance is one of the first considerations most drivers have before they buy a vehicle. Fortunately, the redesigned 2021 Chevy Trax offers impressive drive performance on the road. 

Equipped with a 1.4-L turbocharged ECOTEC engine that pairs with a standard six-speed transmission, the 2021 Trax is also available with an all-wheel-drive system that offers a smoother, more dynamic, and engaging driving experience. 

High Fuel Efficiency 

The Chevrolet Trax is widely marketed as a great car for commuters due to its reliability, easy maneuverability, performance on the road, and impressive fuel efficiency. 

If you’re in the market for a fuel-efficient vehicle, you probably wouldn’t think to go for an SUV. SUVs are not generally renowned as the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the auto

market—especially considering the fact that ultra-fuel-efficient hybrid and all-electric vehicles are now so commonplace on the mainstream auto market. 

However, the Chevrolet Trax offers impressively high fuel efficiency. It reaches up to 26 MPG on city streets and up to 31 MPG on the highway for a combined rating of approximately 28 MPG

State-of-the-Art Tech Features 

In terms of technology, the redesigned 2021 Trax includes a host of high-tech features in addition to its state-of-the-art Chevrolet 3 infotainment system—which comes with a built-in 7.0-inch diagonal color touchscreen display. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability also come standard for all models of the 2021 Trax. 

The redesigned 2021 Trax is also equipped with a host of advanced safety features. These safety features include 10 airbags, a rear vision camera, side blind zone alert, rear cross-traffic alert, rear park assist, and many more standard and available advanced safety and driver-assist features. 

Plenty of Space 

The 2021 Chevrolet Trax offers plenty of space in its redesigned cabin. This compact crossover SUV seats 5 passengers—including the driver—and gives all 5 passengers enough space to not feel cramped while still allowing for a good amount of cargo storage space. 

This redesigned compact crossover SUV sits atop an exclusive Vehicle Set Strategy (VSS) platform, which allows this SUV to be designed with a more spacious cabin without feeling bulky or being difficult to drive. The 2021 Chevy Trax offers plenty of leg and head-room for all 5 of its passengers. It also comes equipped with a maximum of 48.4 cubic feet of cargo space—which is impressive among compact SUVs that are close in size to the redesigned 2021 Trax model. 

Bold Styling

SUVs are so popular right now that many of them have begun to look pretty much the same—even when considering SUV models from different automakers. If you value driving a car that looks unique and stands out on the road, you’ll appreciate the bold styling of the redesigned 2021 Chevy Trax.

The redesigned 2021 Chevrolet Trax has its own bold and unique styling that definitely turns heads on the road. Plus, the 2021 Trax is available with special Midnight Edition and Sport Edition add-on packages that give it a bolder exterior appearance. The Midnight Edition adds a host of black accents to the 2021 Trax, and the Sport Edition gives the 2021 Trax a more athletic look and feel inside and out.